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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

For some time now, our patients have been asking us for PRP treatments, usually as an added benefit to their usual penis enlargement injections. We are delighted to announce that PRP treatment is now available, first, at Moorgate Andrology.

PRP Treatment | Penis Enlargement Injections | Moorgate Andrology
If you are having penis enlargement injections to thicken your penis and would like to get maximum benefits while you are here, or maybe just you fancy a ‘tune up’ for your penis, this is the perfect treatment option for you.

What is platelet rich plasma treatment for the penis?

Platelet rich plasma, often abbreviated and referred to, as PRP, is a remarkable procedure using your own blood to stimulate the regeneration of cells and repair damaged tissue.

PRP Treatment | Moorgate Andrology

It is commonly used in a number of areas of medicine including wound healing, dentistry and helping to speed up the repair of sports injuries. In recent years, it has become popular in aesthetic medicine and is widely used to repair damaged tissue and stimulate lost collagen in the face. More recently it has become popular in sexual medicine and men are looking to PRP to give their sexual performance a boost.

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How does PRP work and what can it do for my penis?

PRP uses the power of your own blood to regenerate tissues and release growth factors.

These growth factors can help in improving sexual performance in a number of ways:

  • It can help to stimulate stronger erections and improve the rigidity of your penis.
  • There is some evidence that it can help increase penis size through the regeneration of cells.
  • Improved sensitivity of your penis.
  • Increased blood flow to your penis therefore improving erection quality.
  • Improvement in some cases of penile curvature.

What happens in the PRP treatment?

The Doctor will take a sample of blood from your arm (the same as when you have a blood test at your GP). This blood is then transferred in special tubes to a centrifuge. This centrifuge spins the blood at a very fast rate for a few minutes. During this process the platelets and plasma are separated. These platelets and plasma form the basis of the PRP treatment. The Doctor will then inject the platelets into the penis. If you are having this treatment as part of your penis enlargement package with hyaluronic acid injections, then you will already have numbing cream applied to the penis. If you choose to have PRP as a stand alone treatment then numbing cream will be applied to the penis before the injection of the platelets.

The procedure takes only thirty minutes and you can go home directly after the procedure.

When can I have sex after a PRP treatment ?

If you are having PRP treatment without hyaluronic acid injections then you can resume sexual activity after one day. If you are having hyaluronic acid injections at the same time then a period of four weeks should elapse before sexual activity is resumed. This is because it takes time for the HA to settle into the tissues.

Are there any side effects ?

For this procedure we are using your own blood and therefore PRP has been proven to be a very safe treatment. As with any injectable procedure there are risks of bleeding, swelling and/or bruising, but there are no serious risks.

Can I have it done with my HA injections to thicken the penis?

Yes you can. This is a great addition to hyaluronic acid injections to thicken your penis. It will take an extra 20 to 30 minutes and this combined procedure will give you the most comprehensive improvement to the look and function of your penis.

We are the only dedicated clinic offering this combined procedure with GMC registered Urology trained Doctors.

Our Doctors work exclusively in Urology so you can be assured that they have the in depth knowledge of the anatomy of the penis. Always choose a Urology Doctor for your penis enlargement treatments.

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Our Doctors work exclusively in Urology so you can be assured that they have the in depth knowledge of the anatomy of the penis. Always choose a Urology Doctor for your penis enlargement treatments.

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